Social Welfare

NAACA is interested in providing assistance to our Atebubu Municipal through programs such as health care, food stamps, libraries and childcare assistance,

And blighting the future for poverty-stricken kids, ultimately putting an end to the cycle of poverty.

Civic Improvement

NAACA will Collaborate with Atebubu Development Committee to execute the development plan, Develop a long-range fund development plan with a mix of strategies including revenue goals and action plans such as the Atebubu Municipal system of streets, parks, open spaces, public buildings and facilities.

Poverty Relief

NAACA acknowledges the fact that, poverty is a simple word, but affects all of us in many ways: from mental health, to housing, physical health to childhood, the range of damage from poverty is widespread and often affects the most vulnerable people in our society. The tools we provide, help people to have the strength to deal with challenges in their lives and to overcome difficulties in the citizens of Atebubu.

Supporting youth and children in their quest for skills and knowledge

Empower to inspire


Assist needy and brilliant students with scholarships in the Atebubu Amenten Municipal


Assist the health institution by providing the necessary tools and equipment.

Member Support

Help members of this association in times of need.

Raising funds to support the project and programs of the association

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Roger Craig


Allan Cooper


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