Management of the Atebubu Municipal Hospital in the Bono East region has decried the poor state of security at the hospital.


Atebubu Municipal Hospital

The Atebubu hospital’s premises have become the path to the homes of people leaving around the facility because it is not fully walled to prevent intruders.

Also, unauthorized vehicles and motors bikes use the premises on a daily basis creating a nuisance for staff, a situation management reveals makes the day to day administration of the hospital difficult for them.

According to the Acting Medical Superintend of the Atebubu Municipal Hospital, Dr Kingsley Amponsah, it is difficult to monitor and control unauthorized human activity at the hospital.

Dr Amponsah who made the disclosure in an interview with Ghanaweb at the side-lines of a donation by North American Atebubu Citizens Association (NAACA) to the hospital, revealed that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between staff, clients and people passing through the hospital.

He revealed the current system has people moving in and out of the hospital at any time and from any point without the proper checks, something which is against best practices.

“As I said, in terms security anyone can come in and go out at the same time and even for best practices, take this COVID-19 era, for example, it will be appropriate to monitor anybody entering and leaving the hospital. The current free-range system where individuals can walk in and out is not the best.

“We have put in place in a chit system which is used to monitor the number of people entering the hospital but I think more can be done to completely deal with the problem”.

Dr Amponsah who revealed that management has been able to wall portions of the hospital with part of their already stretched IGF pleaded for external support to complete the project.

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